Angle shot finally scoring



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    Angle shot finally scoring

    Post by liang on Mon 20 Dec 2010, 4:10 pm

    In 2010, messi seems to the end of the race in la liga golden shoe again on a step football jerseys, but this is not worth regretted. On the one hand, such as del nido such support macy's speech still reverberating, on the other hand, Lionel messi in goal and other data, already lead the football. Victory over Spain people in the match, messi harvest 2 assists data, but in fact, he ghd the first four goals in the process.Article 19 minutes pedro goal from Lionel messi assists, Lionel messi after receiving it, middle pedro's dribbling dash and suddenly send out a direct, pedro use pace after scoring single-blade; get rid of coach outlet Article 30 minutes Harvey's goal, also comes from Lionel messi passes back to the left side of the penalty area, pedro follow messi, Lionel messi nondominant feet with foot rub out instep arc, accurate will ball right after the Harvey, Harvey point for two ugg boots sale of small Angle shot finally scoring.

    And the second half messi again nowhere assists stunt. Play on the first 60 minutes, pedro coach purses after scoring, and this time the chance, it is also from Lionel messi outside the box vigorously shot, Article 76 minutes, Lionel messi and help villa also start-up and shut-down, this is a counterattack in passing, Lionel messi road to turn around and get the ball, he did not himself, coach handbags suddenly reverse give do-it-yourself not offside of beriah, the latter sends out the direct passing easily get single-blade scoring.Barcelona first four balls, Lionel messi directly assists two balls, introduction assists two balls, say, is a dominant Barcelona messi skill victory. If not poor luck, messi, coach wallets in the first ten minutes of the match when he received alves passing shot an empty net score.

    After slumped in la liga, messi has completed 10 assists, the season is not over half of cases oakley sunglasses online get to the "two double". 14 games with Lionel messi 17 times 10 assists efficiency to estimate, perhaps him this season and will create even more astonishing oversized 30 + 20? But for messi speaking, get bogged down in the assumption is meaningless, because next minute you never expected that he would give you what kind of surprise. And in the end ray ban wayfarer sunglasses the decade, more should enjoy messi brought joy.Messi entered by the end of 2010 the golden globe top three, but he is likely to lose their teammates Harvey or iniesta, because he lacks a World Cup such has weight international champion. And this is the pursuit of Lionel messi in coach outlet.

    In addition to the Spanish and European champions outside, messi 2011 still has an cheap gucci sunglasses goals - the copa America. Argentina coach batista said: "from now on, we must go to win some important champions. Next year we have the copa America, this is to win the tournament, but the real goal, is always the 2014 World Cup winner." And batista's built a team policy most important, which is with Lionel messi as the core, "I will build on coach purses basis of Lionel messi's team, he can play any midfielder or forward position, it depends on where opponents weaknesses."

    Batista's thought, but also implies some play Barcelona now features, Lionel messi will according cheap dior sunglasses some of the opponent to changes oneself of position, or when there is a goalscorer siege pull village, or in midfield with dribbling and passing wanton wander get the whole team. This is the most difficult messi, preventing Lionel messi. AC milan 0-1 home defeat to roma, how many a wrong, because the team in the opportunity, rub really dominant, even after claudio ranieri is admitted: "they really are more chi flat iron."

    The sky Taiwan TV guest horses cut kia joorabchian, pointed out, the game's a turning point came in chi turbo end: "AC milan for pirlo injury pay a price." Bo class is more directly, he said: "Andrea pirlo performance is very good, runs the team is fluent, unfortunately, he again injured, after the AC milan did not have, clarence seedorf never enter the tournament." In "the air max 24-7 " the ratings, clarence seedorf also given a minimum of 5 points.Say to clarence seedorf, he certainly is this game a "window", their air max booing because of his back, and always sedate o lai Gerry not mad, but because losing the ball because clarence seedorf twice in handling the ball, once a sideline roar before the end of the first-half Dutch one foot casual aggregation, bonera was forced to accelerated in plum air max 2011 the ball will be steal down before, a big feet will draw on the bottom line; Another is the second-half 13 minutes, clarence seedorf face each other defender dangling about, fully show a few seconds of touch, all the air max ltd in movement, result the Dutchman one feet inclined preach directly ill-advised flew out the bottom line and infuriating o lai Gerry again in courtside roar.

    But even so, o lai Gerry still won't put clarence seedorf substituted, originally continuous let ghd hair straighteners seedorf to BoATeng substitute, already very not easy, again the Dutchman change and substituted? Yoann gourcuff's father once said "AC milan have a force" nor all taunting slander and milan local fans really liked ronaldinho, really don't like clarence seedorf, but ugg bailey button clarence seedorf rocked with boos, galliani more than once dared to speak to him. And alessandro nesta, ambrosini etc like people, seedorf's contract expires in 2011, but in familiar with the matter in the classic argyle knit media eyes and his contract prospects obviously than the outstanding ambrosini will more underrated.However, no matter how galliani trying to convince fans, but this one is clarence seedorf caused a roomful of boos, before the end of the first-half, BoATeng a foot back later seedorf one feet chi pink shots fly to the pennant, causing the fans, with the second half, the Dutchman overmuch ball slow the pace of the team, as well as the frontcourt repeatedly miscued pass directly fly out of line, arouses fans booing to 67 minutes, in his teammates for ghd iv styler movement takes the case

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