scored getafe and scored three goals



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    scored getafe and scored three goals

    Post by liang on Mon 20 Dec 2010, 4:08 pm

    a month's time, Barcelona just in this about spaniards game lost a ball. This data proved football jerseys defence before pressure to defend success, of course, Barcelona always adhere to a kind of belief, that the defensive success not just the defence of success, but the team's success.In defensive solid guaranteed cases, Barcelona show himself as the most damage on ghd team frightening side, it can be said, see Barcelona game is tantamount to see continuous goal in 12 games, there are 10 games or more than three goals, only November 2 to Copenhagen's champions league away game in Barcelona has only coach outlet a goal. Since then, the Barcelona in goal aspect becomes very crazy and scored getafe and scored three goals, scoring of five Hugh at villarreal, scoring three Alma merial limited eight and scored, panithanikos coase, 3, 5, infiltrate into the real Madrid osasuna 3 and scored five of the royal society, scoring ugg boots sale 5.

    The wheels, after Barcelona liga has scored 51 goals, josep guardiola team averaged goals lightly coach purses a, if according to current efficiency down, Barcelona league tally will reach 121, completely can transcend toshack's real Madrid in 1989-90 season created a single season 107 ball record. In fact, they first 16 games to see Barcelona goals also transcended toshack's real coach handbags, that season after real Madrid in the 16th wheel scored 48 goals, less than now Barcelona. 3 goals In Spanish history, josep guardiola Barcelona just behind the 1950-51 season at Barcelona, the Barcelona matchday 16 after scoring 54 goals. Barcelona MVP combination scored 34 coach wallets, than real Madrid outside the other team has more tally.

    5 to 1 victory over real sociedad, where the red blue soldiers with perfect plays to the continuous 22 oakley sunglasses online unbeaten continue to expand josep guardiola since the inauguration of the required number of most unbeaten record must be pointed out that the great to a place in history WangSaiJi six champions Barcelona, consecutive unbeaten streak also only reached the highest 20 games. In real Madrid after sweeping, a lot of people think, ray ban wayfarer sunglasses the Spanish people can block a block in la liga in Barcelona, on the one hand, the Spaniard in-form, before this season has seven home games, and only drop two wins a ball, the Barcelona game with Spanish champions league, also called the "levels of competition," because pre-match coach outlet top four, On the other hand, Derby game has been difficult to predict the Spanish, using fanatic home atmosphere, gave barca manufacturing had many problems, Lionel messi cheap gucci sunglasses spaniards hard to score a goal, including Barcelona last season here also only obtain 0 0 flat.

    However, the Catalan Derby, spaniards no better than. Because barca did wrong human team, coach purses Spaniard team suddenly found that in the past they used against Barcelona the trick, all failed. Finally, the Spaniard for the first time in history, the Barcelona fans lost smack five goals. Perhaps, relaxed after a Spaniard this closes after Barcelona have the good cheap dior sunglasses, flat champions just a matter of time before. The last five games, Barcelona scored 26 goals, five games scored 26 goals in Barcelona, this is the first time in history. Spanish people no longer the best home, they fulfilled the Barcelona away won eight straight record. Barcelona 43 points is same period of chi flat iron of the club, but also the most 3 after the best liga TNSS start. 2010 for Barcelona, data also travelled, seen, this year, Barcelona got 103 different integral, and real Madrid even win over sevilla also cannot achieve this data. In contrast, Barcelona's captain puyol 18 consecutive games la liga wins, create 577 minutes valdes continuous not concede chi turbo are tiny.

    Barcelona is absolutely heavenly generals will himself, from the recent performances against air max 24-7 to see, the Spanish liga it a bit small, but in the champions league, Barcelona as played quiet calmly. Almost five years on record, true of champions league single-game passing the most frequent concerts by Barcelona to create, to KaShan ruby game, Barcelona passing air max to reach 971 times, the Spanish liga passing records also by Barcelona to create, to the royal society's game, the game of passing reach 1005 times. But the premiership 5 years single-game passing most teams are Chelsea, 2008 in this game against sunderland, Chelsea single-game passing 847 times. Serie a passing best result is inter in May this year to chievo's game to create, single-air max 2011 passing 714 times.

    The Catalan media, said if Liverpool legend - bill shankly today still alive, he will be a second is not air max ltd to become Barcelona fans, because nothing in the world can a team like Barcelona like this one's inclinations passes. If shankly Liverpool in smooth cooperation instead of straight style, in England lifted the football revolution word, that now the Barcelona than shankly Liverpool also ghd hair straighteners the few class. In an extremely fast in modern football, Barcelona remain can realize exquisite passing movement and coordination, but also a practical, can continuously break all sorts of record, it ugg bailey button a person feel the poll.

    Barcelona in the "golden era" is to use the king's cup, super cup, the club World Cup, la liga and classic argyle knit league etc trophy, write in the team title at the same time, constantly club was in batch production "golden sir".In Barcelona 5-1 victory over Spain with real Madrid man after the game before sevilla match, seville club chairman del nido issued a make real Madrid fans very chi pink point of view. Del nido said: "cristiano ronaldo and Lionel messi par is a great player, messi is blasphemed among the great, and ghd iv styler ronaldo is a good player."

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